Osprey visits our lakes

16. May, 2020

We are most grateful to Shane King and Steve Williams for the images of the Osprey below.

Dinus the Osprey

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Diving for a fish

With Rudd

Dinus shows his ring number

Tawny Owl chicks by Shane King 2020

An introduction to our beautiful birds by Keith Betton, County Recorder for the Hampshire Ornithological Society.

"The Warren  at Tidgrove is a superb area of downland with a great variety of breeding and wintering birds.The mix of habitats is just right for some of the valuable species which are declining in our countryside.

In my visits I have recorded around 90 species with plenty of finches and buntings, demonstrating that there is plenty of natural food available. In the winter months there are often Short-eared Owls flying over the well-vegetated slopes and an occasional Hen Harrier too.

There are more Lapwings nesting at Tidgrove than any other recorded site in north Hampshire, and well away from any public highway Stone Curlews nest on specially prepared plots.

The estate reminds me of what our countryside used to be like, and how by careful management more of it could be once again."

The slideshow images, all taken at Tidgrove, are by Barry Stalker © 2016 






Great Grey Shrike

Short-eared Owl

Barn Owl

Willow Warbler

Long-eared Owl chicks

Long-eared Owl
© Barry Stalker 2016