A few words on Tidgrove from a man who knows a bit about shooting

"So often we hear somewhere described as a "family shoot" but its either too formal, too commercial or too disorganised to qualify for the accolade" says Jonathan Young, until recently Editor of The Field.

"A proper family shoot provides excellent sport and never forgets that the day is meant to be enjojable for everyone - and when it comes to that combination of challenging shooting and fun, Tidgrove has it by the bucketload.

Tidgrove shows birds to encourage the young and inexperienced and others that will have you shaking your cartidges to check they actually contain shot. The beaters and pickers up are always friendly, adding to the family flavour, and the countryside is varied and beautiful.

I've never left without regretting that second slice of delicious cake at tea and that wonderful feeling of a happy day spent with charming people."   

Robs Drive

Off to the Beeches

Roman Villa

Tilly at work

James gets the bird

We were pleased to welcome keeper James Campbell to our team in 2017

The shooting at Tidgrove is run in conjunction with the conservation program in place for the last 25 years.

There are three flight ponds for wild ducks and a number of partridge and pheasant drives spread over about 1 square mile, we rely on co-operation with neighbouring estates  and provide bags of between 100 and 300 head of game, standing 6-9 guns, loaders and instruction can be provided and novice guns are made welcome subject to appropriate supervision to ensure safety and good sportsmanship.

We normally shoot on a Wednesday and a few days are sold to help with costs, for more information and availability please contact rob@tidgrove.co.uk 

We can recommend the Bel and the Dragon Inn at Kingsclere for excellent food and comfortable accommodation for both man and dog with safe storage for  guns, wives  and cartridges.

A well behaved pair